Romania Animal Rescue are a registered charity that has been traveling around Romania for the past 10 years spaying and neutering dogs and cats. Educating local people in the importance of not housing unwanted puppies and conducting mass spay and neuter programs where the community can take their pets and have them spay/neutered free of charge. Romania Animal Rescue depends solely on public funding to carry out this work.

Map depicting the municipalities visited in the past year:

 Romania Animal Rescue: http://romaniaanimalrescue.org/

DONATE: http://www.romaniaanimalrescue.org/support-rar/donate




Animal Spay and Neuter International is RAR’s sister charity that travels to impoverished communities around the world conducting mass spay and neuter campaigns to help those that cannot afford to neuter or spay their pets. So far ASNI has been to Dominican Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria,Greece,Panama,India, Surinam and Romania. Below is a map of the areas covered so far in the world..


Animal Spay and Neuter International: http://www.animalsni.org/

DONATE: http://www.animalsni.org/donate?ppc=280

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