Craiova Spayathon October 12th – 19th 2015 – 600 Animals Sterilized!!

The Majestic Carpathian Mountains


mountains2A Stunningly beautiful serene place…traveling on the highest road in Romania…”Romanian Carpathian Mountains are divided into three groups: Eastern Carpathians, Southern Carpathians and Western Carpathians. The Western Carpathian Mountains are also called the Mountains of the Sunset (Muntii Apuseni). The highest peaks are in the Southern Carpathians – Moldoveanu (2544 m/8,346 feet) and Negoiu (2535 m/8,316 feet). ”

Untouched by human hand…



As are these……

Dogs mountainsdogs mountains2dogs mountains3dogs mountains4dogs mountains5dogs mountains6

mountain dogrestaurant dog


Which is why Romania Animal Rescue has to continue to do this!

BonnieRecovery# Recovery2 recovery3 DR A Leila Maz Miruna Pepe Pre med Puppies Suzy Suzy2 The steamer Vicky Ingrid Waking up Waking up2 wakingup3 wakingup4 Doggie on table











nancy and dr a






Please Give Generously to help STOP another dog being Born To Stray!!!

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