Pietroasa village spay/neuter event 120 Animals Sterilized!!!

Romania Animal Rescue Head Veterinary Surgeon Aurelian Stefan

“Dear Friends, Romania has had a very torrid summer with no rain or temperatures under 35 degrees Celcius(95F). Animals suffered of thirst and heat on the streets and in the so called city shelters. In such conditions homeless pups stand no chance to survive and die in agony. Therefore RAR vet team increased the spay and neuter efforts so that less and less pups will be born on the streets and have a tragic fate. Another part of the pups will end up in shelters that are far from any decent standards you imagine. Let me give you a short insight of those horrible places: overcrowded so access to food ( that is thrown on the floor) is restricted to the alpha animals in the kennel. The small weak animals have no food in days. Water is licked from the floor when the kennel is cleaned so there is never clean water to drink. The dogs become living ghosts and sometimes they are not able to stand . There is a total lack of basic medical care and distemper and other fatal diseases are a every day reality. Workers there treat the animals with no compassion and like they were objects. Word LOVE seems forgotten there. There is no respect and no hope for the animals locked here they are kicked beaten and sometimes tortured by the subhumans that should take care of those animals that are HOPELESS. This image haunts me and the best thing I can think of is never stop spaying and neutering and be faster than those beasts -the dog catchers! An unborn soul can never be abused tortured frightened hungry thirsty and most important HOPELESS. Every surgery we do is a step forward a won battle against pain and death. Our spay Mobil was named “Hope” and we took her to villages and places no vet has ever reached and people start to understand the importance of spaying and neutering as the most efficient way to create welfare for the animals. Back at the Homeless Animal Hospital hundreds of homeless animals were helped and I am happy to say that we also treat animals that need our help to live when no one gave them a chance of survival. We treated them and they returned to their loving family. Those moments when people smile taking their animals home after they thought everything was lost are the fuel that keeps us going to help more and more animals in need. Is not easy and we need your help to help animals in need. Thank you for standing by us in our mission to create a better world for the animals in need. God bless you and your families!”

And a very moving portrayal of “A Stray’s Life in Romania” can be read here by Anda Popescu http://witnessofthesilentsuffering.blogspot.ro/2015/09/broken-spirits.html


Pietroasa Village Campaign

Romania Animal Rescue continue their travels around Romania sterilizing people’s pets for free. Two days in September the team were in a small village in eastern Romania.


RAR Vet Tech and campaign organiser Anda Popescu was there…

“Pietroasa is a small village, eastern Romania in Vrancea county. We did quite a lot of trips in that part of Romania, as our help is very much needed and appreciated. People were very keen on having their animals fixed. Our first patient was brought in by a 14 years old boy who read about the free spay/neuter event on a leaflet and decided it was the right thing to do for his dog; even though he wasn’t on the list, he came in very early in the morning to make sure he gets help and so he did. We are always happy to see young people getting involved and making the right decision for their animals. We were equally impressed with our last patient’s owner, an old lady who paid for a taxi to drive her and her female dog from another village and spend a few hours waiting patiently outside with her dog.”

boys dog


“Although a crazy 2 days event, with 120 animals spayed/neutered for free, we were happy to see so many animals spared of ever breeding again. I was impressed with the


determination of people to get their animals fixed; although at times I felt things were escalating into a riot outside, although I realized that is just people who understand the urgency of stopping the madness of dealing with the unwanted puppies/kittens. “AP






“Lately, there are so many places throughout Romania where people seem insane in getting our medical services for their animals and sometimes the only way we can end a working day is promising to be back very soon; by the time we pack our things and leave, there is already a waiting list for the next event. Even though tiring, we are happy to see people are finally stepping in the right direction towards resolving the overpopulation of stray animals in Romania. ”


“We would also like to thank the Mayor of Pietroasa for offering us an empty school building to use for our spay/neuter event, thus ensuring we do our work in great conditions; also thank you to the organizers of the event and to the volunteers who struggled to keep up with our crazy work rhythm.”








Neuter and Spay…No More Strays!

Donate To: Romania Animal Rescue http://romaniaanimalrescue.org/donate

Donate To: Animal Spay and Neuter International http://www.animalsni.org/donate

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