CLUJ Romania – 250 Animals Sterilized in June 2015!!


The RAR Team travelled to Cluj for their next Spay campaign,to a village called Cojocna. Cluj-Napoca the capital, commonly known as Cluj, is the second most populous city in Romania, after the national capital Bucharest, and the seat of Cluj County in the northwestern part of the country. Cluj is a beautiful city as has been voted as having the cleanest air in all of Europe (according to french organsiations ‘We Demain’ in cooperation with the ‘Respire’ association)

Sterilisatie marathon Cojocna

 Asociatia pentru protejarea animalelor NUCA

“At 30 degrees in the shade and a population very reluctant to partake in free sterilizations, we can say that was a pretty rough day. However, on this first day of marathon we managed to sterilise 73 dogs and 8 cats!” And I met people who understand how important this action is for the community.For 2 weeks i’ve been out of the gate in the gate and I talked to people about the benefits and microciparii sterilizarii, and why they should come and allow their dog or cat spayed.”

Nancy Janes explains…

“We have found that in the beginning in a new region, people are not sure of these campaigns. Once they start seeing the results, they understand and beg for spaying and neutering to happen.”


First patient Today in Cluj at the free spay event with RAR & NUCA!

A and kidsdrA

RAR firmly believes that the only way longterm to make a difference in any community is to educate the children in Animal Welfare and the care of their pets. These children are the future for Cluj and Romania and at any given opportunity Dr Aurelian Stefan will do everything possible to educate the little ones in all aspects of animal care.


carawaiting surgery






booking ingirl and petpre-medpuppiesvetelderlyman

During the campaign a baby deer was found with trauma to his leg which had become severed…

11537701_1012718232074670_6795011893630546196_nThe team worked hard to save the life of the deer.Shock often kills young animals with these type of injuries, so time was of the essence here.


But the operation to repair the severed leg was a complete success!
























Asociatia pentru protejarea animalelor NUCA

All dogs and cats that were neutered recovered quickly and they are all good now, and their owners were informed in writing and verbally about minimum care and attention that you have to offer in the coming days. I met a lot of cases in which you will have to help with medical attention for dogs and cats with different illnesses or problems where the owners cannot afford to pay the cost of treatments.
As I did at other marathons of sterilizari, all dogs have got collars and leashes and I was hoping to use them and for them to be used often.
Thank you to those who made it possible and for this marathon of sterilization and microchipping which was granted by the association:
Team Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes, Zwerfhonden Roemenie, Grenzenlose Notfelle, Nut In Deutschland, yes we that hamburg, esperanza. All those who have donated, members of the association and volunteers. Thank you also Samsara restaurant that has “spoilt” us with platters of goodies. Saturday panemar firm, which has offered us a tasty dessert and Gerd Hoellger who has cooked sunday.
The support that I receive is very important because only together we can and in the future to repeat such actions with a big success!

10313170_1012718345407992_8403481512918250147_n 10372064_1012717698741390_3375461109453028656_n 10387672_1012718532074640_2744247990870943290_n 10400812_1012718175408009_8645368033981793734_n 10407234_1012718375407989_3991146326876262428_n 10492519_1012718588741301_756949567020710344_n 11011240_1012717975408029_3612861454691812959_n 11181254_1012717825408044_5563918243013144251_n 11181860_1012717832074710_4132380270900099074_n 11201860_1012718312074662_6287950317933897316_n 11253918_1012717638741396_4970025452988006209_n 11257780_1012718165408010_817803419481348096_n 11264996_1012718482074645_7576243190509973339_n 11267529_1012717902074703_7860269968991826542_n11267434_1012718672074626_737038233923611358_n







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