VATRA DORNEI – 52 Animals Sterilized in RAR’s Monthly Campaign!!

Nancy Janes

Romania Animal Rescue Vatra Dorneii spayathon.Thank you Dr. Livioara Rotariu, Lelia Leandra, Roxana Stanisor Pasat, volunteers and citizens who traveled to bring their animals in. God Bless the GREAT DONORS who support this great work!


Catei comunitari de rasa pura Ro/EN
Misiune indeplinita! Prin programul lunar Romania Animal Rescue, Inc am sterilizat la Vatra Dornei in zilele de 17 si 18 aprilie 52 de animale: 16 caini( 13 femele si 3 masculi) si 36 pisici. Multumim Romania Animal Rescue, Inc, Maz, Sue, Nancy Janes, tuturor donatorilor, Lelia Leandra, dr.Livioara Rotariu , acestor oameni minunati fara de care aceste campanii lunare la Vatra Dornei nu ar putea avea loc. Multumim domnului Primar Ilie Bonches, Orion Media Vatra Dornei si echipei Salvamont Vatra Dornei pentru intreaga sustinere si tuturor VOLUNTARILOR care au fost alaturi de noi. Cu ajutorul si implicarea tuturor aceste proiecte ar trebui sa continue in beneficiul animalelor! Mission accomplished!

vatra1Thanks to RAR monthly FREE spay/neuter program we spayed/neutered 52 animals: 16 dogs(13 female, 3 male) and 36 cats! Many thanks to all our generous donors , thank you Maz and Sue, thank you Nancy Janes, Dr. Livioara Rotariu and Lelia Leandra and all our volunteers. These projects must continue! Only with your help will be possible! Thank you so much lovely people!


Lelia Leandra 95% of the cats we spayed were already pregnant, so…just imagine how many kittens we saved thanks to your precious support! Thank you so much, dear donors, for enabling us to go there every month to save so many animals!

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