Craiova Spayathon October 12th – 19th 2015 – 600 Animals Sterilized!!

The Majestic Carpathian Mountains


mountains2A Stunningly beautiful serene place…traveling on the highest road in Romania…”Romanian Carpathian Mountains are divided into three groups: Eastern Carpathians, Southern Carpathians and Western Carpathians. The Western Carpathian Mountains are also called the Mountains of the Sunset (Muntii Apuseni). The highest peaks are in the Southern Carpathians – Moldoveanu (2544 m/8,346 feet) and Negoiu (2535 m/8,316 feet). ”

Untouched by human hand…



As are these……

Dogs mountainsdogs mountains2dogs mountains3dogs mountains4dogs mountains5dogs mountains6

mountain dogrestaurant dog


Which is why Romania Animal Rescue has to continue to do this!

BonnieRecovery# Recovery2 recovery3 DR A Leila Maz Miruna Pepe Pre med Puppies Suzy Suzy2 The steamer Vicky Ingrid Waking up Waking up2 wakingup3 wakingup4 Doggie on table











nancy and dr a






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Pietroasa village spay/neuter event 120 Animals Sterilized!!!

Romania Animal Rescue Head Veterinary Surgeon Aurelian Stefan

“Dear Friends, Romania has had a very torrid summer with no rain or temperatures under 35 degrees Celcius(95F). Animals suffered of thirst and heat on the streets and in the so called city shelters. In such conditions homeless pups stand no chance to survive and die in agony. Therefore RAR vet team increased the spay and neuter efforts so that less and less pups will be born on the streets and have a tragic fate. Another part of the pups will end up in shelters that are far from any decent standards you imagine. Let me give you a short insight of those horrible places: overcrowded so access to food ( that is thrown on the floor) is restricted to the alpha animals in the kennel. The small weak animals have no food in days. Water is licked from the floor when the kennel is cleaned so there is never clean water to drink. The dogs become living ghosts and sometimes they are not able to stand . There is a total lack of basic medical care and distemper and other fatal diseases are a every day reality. Workers there treat the animals with no compassion and like they were objects. Word LOVE seems forgotten there. There is no respect and no hope for the animals locked here they are kicked beaten and sometimes tortured by the subhumans that should take care of those animals that are HOPELESS. This image haunts me and the best thing I can think of is never stop spaying and neutering and be faster than those beasts -the dog catchers! An unborn soul can never be abused tortured frightened hungry thirsty and most important HOPELESS. Every surgery we do is a step forward a won battle against pain and death. Our spay Mobil was named “Hope” and we took her to villages and places no vet has ever reached and people start to understand the importance of spaying and neutering as the most efficient way to create welfare for the animals. Back at the Homeless Animal Hospital hundreds of homeless animals were helped and I am happy to say that we also treat animals that need our help to live when no one gave them a chance of survival. We treated them and they returned to their loving family. Those moments when people smile taking their animals home after they thought everything was lost are the fuel that keeps us going to help more and more animals in need. Is not easy and we need your help to help animals in need. Thank you for standing by us in our mission to create a better world for the animals in need. God bless you and your families!”

And a very moving portrayal of “A Stray’s Life in Romania” can be read here by Anda Popescu


Pietroasa Village Campaign

Romania Animal Rescue continue their travels around Romania sterilizing people’s pets for free. Two days in September the team were in a small village in eastern Romania.


RAR Vet Tech and campaign organiser Anda Popescu was there…

“Pietroasa is a small village, eastern Romania in Vrancea county. We did quite a lot of trips in that part of Romania, as our help is very much needed and appreciated. People were very keen on having their animals fixed. Our first patient was brought in by a 14 years old boy who read about the free spay/neuter event on a leaflet and decided it was the right thing to do for his dog; even though he wasn’t on the list, he came in very early in the morning to make sure he gets help and so he did. We are always happy to see young people getting involved and making the right decision for their animals. We were equally impressed with our last patient’s owner, an old lady who paid for a taxi to drive her and her female dog from another village and spend a few hours waiting patiently outside with her dog.”

boys dog


“Although a crazy 2 days event, with 120 animals spayed/neutered for free, we were happy to see so many animals spared of ever breeding again. I was impressed with the


determination of people to get their animals fixed; although at times I felt things were escalating into a riot outside, although I realized that is just people who understand the urgency of stopping the madness of dealing with the unwanted puppies/kittens. “AP






“Lately, there are so many places throughout Romania where people seem insane in getting our medical services for their animals and sometimes the only way we can end a working day is promising to be back very soon; by the time we pack our things and leave, there is already a waiting list for the next event. Even though tiring, we are happy to see people are finally stepping in the right direction towards resolving the overpopulation of stray animals in Romania. ”


“We would also like to thank the Mayor of Pietroasa for offering us an empty school building to use for our spay/neuter event, thus ensuring we do our work in great conditions; also thank you to the organizers of the event and to the volunteers who struggled to keep up with our crazy work rhythm.”








Neuter and Spay…No More Strays!

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Bilesti Spay Campaign August 2015

Beutiful dog

Once upon a time, on land, in the village of Vrancenesti Biliesti, a lady whose loving heart couldn’t beat to many pets abandoned, and took my heart in teeth and asked for help the mayor. The mayor, a good man and wise, he understood the seriousness of the facts and gave the command to be prepared for a big room, where the host devoted to you Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. Caused to fight against the uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats. Two days, they fought hard with the villagers and help and eventually 102 animals were significant and sterilized. Praise and thanks amounted up to the sky, they passed the borders and have reached the ears of many people, who want a sequel to this story. All those who read these lines and want to read stories and other beautiful and real accounts, donate in Romania Animal Rescue Foundation Inc.

1609915_10153629265169363_13913875560869736_n 10983184_10153629269529363_4560613373995571660_n 11223752_10153629270874363_9205412860684259645_n 11796293_10153629264904363_8428241671508384590_n 11825747_10153629266749363_601069638952302407_n 11828706_10153629270144363_1090846071766945510_n 11831678_10153629267164363_8588940815241698851_n 11846687_10153629265834363_6065551106375765456_n 11863301_10153629264769363_353496595116307981_n 11870905_10153629270259363_5001252830556188424_n 11873448_10153629266214363_6281076369991468602_n 11873461_10153629268144363_8215172471635176619_n 11873710_10153629271184363_6481863442149355534_n 11880315_10153629268414363_2339829833128459146_n 11880375_10153629266469363_2779956376905552194_n 11880573_10153629270714363_9035521482712574308_n 11880627_10153629267854363_29875381502437351_n 11880646_10153629269694363_7805071972499096143_n 11885155_10153629270944363_2963630876051836568_n 11885394_10153629264544363_7614603795722357870_n 11889512_10153629271109363_5581872139479942591_n 11889546_10153629271054363_1269191074547600501_n 11889680_10153629268264363_8884177891557753270_n 11891185_10153629270999363_8709492143313498062_n 11891260_10153629270639363_9146182570504195007_n 11898593_10153629270834363_8790013302021997996_n 11898778_10153629267989363_8711276978453491165_n 11902276_10153629268684363_4666819353548685416_n 11902571_10153629268339363_6879203759857210090_n

Once upon a time, on Romanian lands, in the village named Biliesti, a loving lady whose heart could not beat at the sight of so many abandoned animals, took the courage and asked for help to the mayor. The mayor, a good and wise man understood the seriousness of the facts and commanded to be ready a large hall where devotees soldiers of Romania Animal Rescue Foundation Inc. may conduct the fight against uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats. Two days, they fought hard, with villagers and aids and finally 102 animals were sterilized. The praise and thanks raised to heaven, crossed borders and reached the ears of many people, who want a sequel to this story .You, all who read these lines and want to read more beautiful and real stories, donate to the foundation Romania Animal Rescue Inc! By Budu Si Lula

Bulgarian Spay and Neuter Campaign

Vet team

Animal Spay and Neuter International travelled to south Bulgaria for their next campaign. Joining forces with Castaway Lucy of Dogs Of the Ghetto:

“Before hearing about ASNI, my tiny outfit, Dogs Of the Ghetto had arranged 50 spay/neuters, over the course of a year. D.O.G helps people with little themselves to care for their dogs, providing food, kennels and medicine. Education about what dogs need to be healthy and happy, is also offered. But puppies are often dumped among the Roma, – children as young as two given them like sweets. Those which survive, go on to breed. Alone, we could not keep up. Then, thanks to friend’s tip, I contacted Nancy Janes, and suddenly, ASNI was coming!”


“I’m a travel writer, specializing in remote islands and a hermit-lifestyle. I’d never organized a big event. All at once, it seemed, I must find a venue where up to 150 animals could be spay/neutered; find hundreds of blankets for them and organize a tombola to encourage people to bring their pets. There were posters to design and print; babywipes, basins, buckets and brooms to buy. Plus, accommodation for ASNI needed to be found. My brain fizzed. What would the team eat? How could funds be raised to pay a translator? What if the Bulgarian authorities baulked”


“I flew around in an ancient car driven by a shepherd to meet village Mayors, and took my horse and cart to reach off road parts of ghettos, handing out flyers and – with help from D.O.G.’s Roma helper, Tosho – explaining why spay/neuter is a good thing. There were hungry dogs in bad condition everywhere, with enlarged teats suggesting recent litters. There was skepticism (‘Why not just throw puppies away?’) but there was also curiosity.”


“Support for ASNI’s visit from local leaders varied, at first, from shrugs to tepid interest. So I was thrilled when the Mayor of an ideally located village not only offered a venue for the Spayathon, but also said he’d bring his own dog for an op., to set an example, and send people house to house drumming up interest.

best doc A ocncentrating kindly

“The venue was a challenge; a co-operative built during the communist years, currently used to house tractors. It was vast and airy, but far from a sterile environment. Unemployed men and women from my local ghetto, however, leapt at the chance to transform the place. Sheets were hung on damp-stained walls and the floor of the room to be used for surgery swept, scrubbed and sealed with polythene. Basins blackened with sludge from engine oil were scoured almost white by Roma ladies, while their men-folk shifted barrow-loads of trash and cleared a space outside, where owners could wait under a parasol. A fridge for donated vaccines was found, and a cart crammed with every loose table and chair I could commandeer. Roma friends provided colorful rugs for an improvised dining area for ASNI, and, magically, the friendly Mayor produced six enormous screens to demarcate operating areas.”

Farmer and cat

DrA Bul

“In the ghetto where D.O.G works, Tosho went from one humble dwelling to the next, urging owners to prepare clean quarters for their pets post-surgery, and instructing them not to feed them on the day. We engaged horses and carts to bring outlying patients to a central area where they could be picked up by our ‘fleet’ of two cars (lined with polythene and cotton sheets) for onward transportation to the Spayathon village. Tosho and I had long lists of which dogs could travel with which other dogs; which might fight; which might need a muzzle and which had been vaccinated. We prepared 60 dogs and puppies we knew well, having worked with many from birth.”

recovering mum sknny w babes

“The 3 short days of the Spayathon passed in a whirl. As the team left Romania at 5 a.m on the first day, I was starting my daily routine of feeding, exercising and cleaning-up-after the 37 dogs and cats on my home patch. Tosho was active by 6.00 in the ghetto, checking that every dog there had access to clean water and that horses were harnessed and car drivers had remembered this was the big day.

ASNI needs ‘taxis’at Spayathons – people to carry patients for shaving, onto the operating table, and then to the recovery room. Tosho’s kindly father fitted this role, as did Kolyo, a formerly homeless man who’d built himself a one-roomed shack and close by, a dog shelter where he looks after pups for D.O.G. Tosho’s mother was employed to cut up blankets, mop up doggy pees and wash surgical instruments.”

asni nurse with number 10

“Had an arial shot been taken of the scene in the Spayathon village when everyone arrived at the Mayorial buildings at 8.30 a.m. – ASNI in their signature red van; our translator, the Mayor, the Roma team and, finally, me with the first 3 patients – the co-ordination would have looked impressive. But only minutes before, there’d been no electricity to the operations venue. And no water. Welcome to the Balkans!

There was still no water when the team started setting up, but they carried on unfazed and there was a wonderful moment, for me, when the electrifying Dr Aurelian Stefan, who’d been shocked by a photo I’d sent him of the proposed operating theater in its original grim condition, stated decisively that he liked the place and that the – transformed – room for surgery was (emphatically) OK.

Shy dog

I don’t recall the precise time the first patient was anaestheticized, but I do know it was Darling – a Karakachan-cross adolescent rescued from a yard where the bodies of her siblings had been left to rot. Then there was Chorap, a grown pup who’d been crippled with Rickets when small, and Chance and Hope, whom D.O.G. had taken from their owner as he was about to put them in a cart, to ‘throw them away’. ”


“The two drivers I’d commissioned from the ghetto were sent out like missiles, targeted on the next patients to bring to the Spayathon. We expected patients from elsewhere too, and a rickety table covered with a sheet was set up as a desk to receive them, a lady from my village manning it. Each dog was given a wool collar with a punched card bearing his patient number, which was also the owner’s tombola ticket.

On the first two days, few came from other villages, but Tosho and I kept ASNI busy with ghetto dogs. There were hiccups: a dog due for spay vanished with a herd of cows; others couldn’t be caught; I checkéd that all dogs in the ghetto not due for an op. had drinking water, but failed to top up the Dr A and his team’s supply. Then puppies climbed into my lap when I was bringing lunch (and more water), by car, sending Bulgarian pastries flying. More seriously, a puppy so dehydrated was brought in for spay, that Dr A. suspected Parvo Virus. My Bulgarian vets provided a Parvo test, (thankfully, negative) and two of their colleagues arrived to lend a hand – and witness the impressive sight of ASNI at work.”

shy boy

“I was proud of my own small team, too, who learned fast what was required of them. But it became noticeable that, when Tosho and I were not supplying patients, there was never a queue from elsewhere. During the 3 days, only a handful came, and most of those only after a car was sent out scouting. This was disappointing, but Bulgarian villagers won’t change their attitudes to cats and dogs overnight. The history of the country – 500 years under Ottoman rule, then the communist years during which pets were actively discouraged – has left Bulgarians with more respect for working animals than domestic ones. And it should be remembered that Bulgaria is the poorest of all the countries in the EU. Few can afford spays and neuters, so the habit hasn’t caught on. With ASNI now helping for free, there’s no excuse, but patience will be needed to bring Bulgaria fully on board.”

Vet and dog

“In terms of a dent made in the future population of dogs in my immediate area, the Spayathon was immensely helpful. There were key canine players I’d have liked to bring from yards producing scores of puppies, many only to starve, but I’ll just keep working on the owners, until next time ASNI comes. Because, heroically, they’ve offered to return.

But the most exciting development, in my view, to emerge from ASNI’s first visit, is the possibility of seminar being set up, where Bulgarian vets could learn the team’s state-of-the-art spay/neuter techniques. ASNI can’t be everywhere all the time. But if seeds of change are sewn among Bulgarian vets, many more animals could be helped in the future.”


“Thank you, faithful facebook friends of Castaway Lucy and Dogs Of the Ghetto, for providing the means to welcome ASNI. And thank you, ASNI, for not only performing your wonders in our particular situation so efficiently and endearingly – but also leaving hope for real change in the bigger picture, over time.”

Castaway Lucy of Dogs Of the Ghetto


CLUJ Romania – 250 Animals Sterilized in June 2015!!


The RAR Team travelled to Cluj for their next Spay campaign,to a village called Cojocna. Cluj-Napoca the capital, commonly known as Cluj, is the second most populous city in Romania, after the national capital Bucharest, and the seat of Cluj County in the northwestern part of the country. Cluj is a beautiful city as has been voted as having the cleanest air in all of Europe (according to french organsiations ‘We Demain’ in cooperation with the ‘Respire’ association)

Sterilisatie marathon Cojocna

 Asociatia pentru protejarea animalelor NUCA

“At 30 degrees in the shade and a population very reluctant to partake in free sterilizations, we can say that was a pretty rough day. However, on this first day of marathon we managed to sterilise 73 dogs and 8 cats!” And I met people who understand how important this action is for the community.For 2 weeks i’ve been out of the gate in the gate and I talked to people about the benefits and microciparii sterilizarii, and why they should come and allow their dog or cat spayed.”

Nancy Janes explains…

“We have found that in the beginning in a new region, people are not sure of these campaigns. Once they start seeing the results, they understand and beg for spaying and neutering to happen.”


First patient Today in Cluj at the free spay event with RAR & NUCA!

A and kidsdrA

RAR firmly believes that the only way longterm to make a difference in any community is to educate the children in Animal Welfare and the care of their pets. These children are the future for Cluj and Romania and at any given opportunity Dr Aurelian Stefan will do everything possible to educate the little ones in all aspects of animal care.


carawaiting surgery






booking ingirl and petpre-medpuppiesvetelderlyman

During the campaign a baby deer was found with trauma to his leg which had become severed…

11537701_1012718232074670_6795011893630546196_nThe team worked hard to save the life of the deer.Shock often kills young animals with these type of injuries, so time was of the essence here.


But the operation to repair the severed leg was a complete success!
























Asociatia pentru protejarea animalelor NUCA

All dogs and cats that were neutered recovered quickly and they are all good now, and their owners were informed in writing and verbally about minimum care and attention that you have to offer in the coming days. I met a lot of cases in which you will have to help with medical attention for dogs and cats with different illnesses or problems where the owners cannot afford to pay the cost of treatments.
As I did at other marathons of sterilizari, all dogs have got collars and leashes and I was hoping to use them and for them to be used often.
Thank you to those who made it possible and for this marathon of sterilization and microchipping which was granted by the association:
Team Romania Animal Rescue and Nancy Janes, Zwerfhonden Roemenie, Grenzenlose Notfelle, Nut In Deutschland, yes we that hamburg, esperanza. All those who have donated, members of the association and volunteers. Thank you also Samsara restaurant that has “spoilt” us with platters of goodies. Saturday panemar firm, which has offered us a tasty dessert and Gerd Hoellger who has cooked sunday.
The support that I receive is very important because only together we can and in the future to repeat such actions with a big success!

10313170_1012718345407992_8403481512918250147_n 10372064_1012717698741390_3375461109453028656_n 10387672_1012718532074640_2744247990870943290_n 10400812_1012718175408009_8645368033981793734_n 10407234_1012718375407989_3991146326876262428_n 10492519_1012718588741301_756949567020710344_n 11011240_1012717975408029_3612861454691812959_n 11181254_1012717825408044_5563918243013144251_n 11181860_1012717832074710_4132380270900099074_n 11201860_1012718312074662_6287950317933897316_n 11253918_1012717638741396_4970025452988006209_n 11257780_1012718165408010_817803419481348096_n 11264996_1012718482074645_7576243190509973339_n 11267529_1012717902074703_7860269968991826542_n11267434_1012718672074626_737038233923611358_n







Craiova Spayathon May 17th – 25th 2015 – 625 Animals Sterilized!!

Craiova, Romania May 2015

The spay campaign in Craiova began on Sunday 17th May, four volunteers arrived from the UK together with Nancy and Rory Janes and Suzy Morris from the USA. The full Team consisted of four vets including Dr Aurelian Stefan (Head Vet and RAR Manager) Dr Pepe Stefan, Dr Roxana Elena-Stan and Dr Miruna and Vet Techs Ruth Osborne and Anda Popescu. 30 cats and dogs were sterilized on sunday. Lady waitinganother waitingBooking inawaitiing pre-medBringing them in














Each day comprised of Canis Amator (Speranta Pentru Animale – Olividiu) and Frank Goralski (Handicapped Dogs and More) et el driving the RAR van at 6am to the outer remote villages of Craiova to collect dogs to bring to the Campaign. Often they would find stray dogs ontheir way also so brought them back for surgery and subsequent re-homing with Speranta or another wonderful organisation Friends for Life ( Dana Patrascu and Bia Jannin)

van3 Village life for people is very hard and the average wage is only 200 – 300 euros per month. The average cost of sterilizing a dog is  45 – 70 euros(200 – 300 Lei) so prices are out of most poor villagers league. RAR are able to sterilize a dog for 23 Euros(£16), each spay/neuter is fundraised for prior to the campaigns, and subsequently free of charge to all the dogs and cats that are operated on.






On arrival at the Clinic dogs and cats will wait in their crates and or the waiting room to be given a pre-medication injection by the vet techs.   Each dog and cat is booked in by Iulia Voicu (Speranta Pentru Animale) and given a number.

Dog3dog5Hot out

Fans were used on the cages/carriers as tempertaures were hitting 28C. Water was also given due to the heat. Before surgeryDog









Both dogs and cats were carried into surgery by the volunteers, to an awaiting team of at least 4 vets. The veterinary surgeons are so highly skilled and adept at their work they are able to operate on one dog in a matter of  5 – 10 minutes! Vets and Vet Techs work incredibly long hours also 12 – 16 hours a day without a significant break for lunch or anything…

Suzy Suzy2 suzy3   shavingRuth and 5 kitties Dr A Ruth and MirunaTheatreTheatre2Theatres4 Vet Vet techs Theatres3








With four veterinary surgeons operating at any one time the team averaged about 80 operations in any one day. Together with a large team of volunteers 10 – 12 people from all over the world helping prior to surgery and in recovery. Mr AAfter surgery animals were taken into the recovery area, where many volunteers were available to keep a close eye on them. Siri_Recovery Siri_Recovery3pup_vickiBusy Recovery



Recovery Rory





Cats are snuggled together during recovery and covered in a space blanket for warmth, and tend to sleep much longer under anasethesia than dogs. Kitties   During the dogs recovery period volunteers would groom the dogs if necessary,removing tics (of which there could be many) and treating all dogs that needed it for fleas.


Several dogs arrived severely matted so volunteers would use their grooming skills to shave all the fur off if need be.Very young pups and small dogs were cuddled during recovery as the physical contact calmed them down and provided them with comfort. nancy Recoverynancy and Siri C 15Oliviu Rory2 Rory3 nancy5 River C 15         Three babies

Post recovery animals were reunited with their owners and taken home. Dog and simone Kittys going homeSimone3 Simone4 Sleeping kitty Pooch nose























Vicki6 and river






Friends for Life ( Dana Patrascu and Bia Jannin)

During the campaign volunteers were lucky enough to visit a local rescue shelter who work together with RAR to treat and sterilize the dogs there, several of whom were brought in to be spay/neutered during the spayathon. Many dogs from Friends for Life have been rescued from the notorious Breasta public shelter in Craiova. The shelter is maintained by Dana Patrascu and Bia Jannin who also have full time time jobs during the day and then their evenings are filled with cleaning,feeding and generally cariing for 90 dogs in all.


Bia - FFL Bia2 -FFL BIa3 -FFL Black Betty - FFL Cillia - FFL Cillia2 - FFL Cillia4 - FFL Dana - FFL dana3  - FFLDana2 - FFL  Dana4 - FFLFFL Frank - FFL Doggies - FFL Jan - FFL Jan2 - FFL Maz - FFL Maz2 - FFL Siri - FFL Siri2 - FFL Siri4 - FFL Siri7 - FFL Baby boy FFL Vicki - FFL Vicki2 - FFL Vicki3 - FFL Vicki4 - FFL Vicki5 - FFL Frank2 - FFL Frank me2 Me and Maz - FFL

The shelter was basic but very clean and spacious and as can be seen full of very happy dogs!


Speranta Pentru Animale ( Canis Amator and Iulia Voicu)

Jan Blomfield – Volunteer “How do I start to describe Speranta shelter, Vicki and myself were taken to the shelter with Iulia Voicu, to begin with it is a fair drive to the outskirts of Craiova and at one stage we drove through an area which made me fell rather uncomfortable so my first concern was for this girls safety as she does this journey on a daily basis.Once we arrived Iulia said to us that once through the gates we would not be able to be heard over the dogs then the gates opened and we were confronted with lines of kennel runs no space wasted at present they are homing about 300 dogs as they try there hardest never to turn a dog away, the shelter is basic but all the dogs are well cared for with food, water and cover. As we walked round looking at each of these precious babies I was over whelmed by the compassion that comes from these handful of people that take care of the shelter, for us it was a beautiful sunny day but I was all the time thinking how on earth do you do this in the winter, I have 10 dogs and some days I think I don’t have enough time but the commitment these amazing people make is beyond words. The true fact is that many of these dogs may never have home offers but at least they are safe and cared for, If ever a shelter needed support it is this one, these guys work so hard and its all voluntary they do not really have the time to promote themselves or the dogs, and even at a time when they are bursting at the seams they were still kind enough to take care of some of our babies until they are ready to travel. In truth I can not give a true description of the shelter as it is something you need to experience in person as it is an emotion rather than a sight. Please do look through the photos as there is some beautiful dogs there and very cute puppies all looking for there own little world where they can be an individual and not one of many. All I can say that in a world that for some reason has not been made perfect I can only give thanks that we are given Earth Angels that work tirelessly to replace pain,abandonment, suffering and cruelty with kindness, safety and love. Bless you xxx”


GSD SperantaSperantaSperanta2Speranta4 speranta5 speranta6 speranta7 speranta8 speranta9speranta11 speranta12 speranta13 speranta14 speranta15 speranta17 speranta18 speranta20 maz and Iulia


Dream Team 2015


Mr Toad

After a hard days work the volunteers travelled into Craiova town to eat and relax a bit over dinner. One evening they had a little guest! A small, young dog was seen limping around on the streets of Craiova, on inspection he had obviously injured one of his legs…so a collar and lead was bought for him and he joined them for dinner being named Mr Eddy Toad!

Mr Toad4 Mr Toad3Mr Toad2Mr Toad5 Mr Toad esq Mr Toad6







Mr Toad was taken back to the volunteers lodgings and to the clinic the next day where he was neutered, and had his fractured leg plastered. Then onto Friends for Life for the time being from where “Baggys Legacy” (Jan Blomfield and Vicki Ecke) will rehome him in the UK!


Nancy Janes

From one lady’s experience whilst on a hiking trip through the Carpathian Mountains…turned into one ladys vision of what a future in Romania for dogs could be like…


Romania Animal Rescue and Animal Spay and Neuter International were born from this vision…that no dog would be born to stray…and all would have a home where they are loved and cared for as apart of the family…


nancy Recovery nancy nancy2 Nancy3 nancy5 Nancy7

This incredible lady is making every dogs dream come true…


VATRA DORNEI – 52 Animals Sterilized in RAR’s Monthly Campaign!!

Nancy Janes

Romania Animal Rescue Vatra Dorneii spayathon.Thank you Dr. Livioara Rotariu, Lelia Leandra, Roxana Stanisor Pasat, volunteers and citizens who traveled to bring their animals in. God Bless the GREAT DONORS who support this great work!


Catei comunitari de rasa pura Ro/EN
Misiune indeplinita! Prin programul lunar Romania Animal Rescue, Inc am sterilizat la Vatra Dornei in zilele de 17 si 18 aprilie 52 de animale: 16 caini( 13 femele si 3 masculi) si 36 pisici. Multumim Romania Animal Rescue, Inc, Maz, Sue, Nancy Janes, tuturor donatorilor, Lelia Leandra, dr.Livioara Rotariu , acestor oameni minunati fara de care aceste campanii lunare la Vatra Dornei nu ar putea avea loc. Multumim domnului Primar Ilie Bonches, Orion Media Vatra Dornei si echipei Salvamont Vatra Dornei pentru intreaga sustinere si tuturor VOLUNTARILOR care au fost alaturi de noi. Cu ajutorul si implicarea tuturor aceste proiecte ar trebui sa continue in beneficiul animalelor! Mission accomplished!

vatra1Thanks to RAR monthly FREE spay/neuter program we spayed/neutered 52 animals: 16 dogs(13 female, 3 male) and 36 cats! Many thanks to all our generous donors , thank you Maz and Sue, thank you Nancy Janes, Dr. Livioara Rotariu and Lelia Leandra and all our volunteers. These projects must continue! Only with your help will be possible! Thank you so much lovely people!


Lelia Leandra 95% of the cats we spayed were already pregnant, so…just imagine how many kittens we saved thanks to your precious support! Thank you so much, dear donors, for enabling us to go there every month to save so many animals!

ADJUD – 97 Sterilizations in April!!

97 sterilizations in Adjud made for a great campaign and help the people who could not find another vet or afford great surgeries. Thank you RAR donors, thank you Sue Roberts and Maz N Horace for fundraising for this fabulous event!


Village doggie saved by our team. She was pregnant and a fetus was entrapped in a abdominal hernia. She would have surely died when giving birth so we were just in time to save her life and made her elderly human companion happy!!!




During the Spay/Neuter Campaign two stray puppies were brought into the clinic. RAR also deal with homeless dogs and treat them free of charge.



Alina Nicoleta: “Two puppies were taken by someone from the countryside,one of them was very weak so i do not know how many chances to live he has. One of them had problems with his leg and was full of thistles and had a few ticks on him. The girls at the campaign took him gave him some  antibiotics ,and cleaned the wound, and i gave him a pill for worms. Took him inside at the warm place , we feed him , and he sleep like a baby! The other one with the eye problems is more weak, the girl who took them , came to sterilize a female and saw them,ask me what will happen with them , and she was pitty of them , and say she can take them…”


One puppy was treated for a serious leg wound in and the other was given Intravenous fluids. Both are recovering at a foster care friends home.

puppy and drip feed





Tecuci – 62 Animals Sterilized on18th April!

Today RAR spayed/neutered in Tecuci 7 females cats, all pregnant, 2 male cats, 37 females dogs and 16 male dogs, also there were 13 dogs that were vaccinated, thanks to May-Britt Seem and Katri Kovanen with Kuonory`s vaccination project.
God bless you all for go on helping the dogs and cats in our little town.


Our dear wonderful donors, super and mega Dream vet team, Nancy Janes, Dr Aurelian Stefan, Dr Pepe Stefan, vet techs Ruth Osborne and Soanca Nicoleta Simona MANY MANY THANKS for helping once again the dogs and cats in Tecuci with free of charge spay/neuters. Monaco Mario Nicoleta SPECIAL THANKS for helping us transporting all the dogs of the people who couldn`t bring their animals for s/n, all our volunteers – Adelina, Adriana, Ruxandra, Mihaela, Vali, Mrs. Marieta, Adelina, SPECIAL THANKS FOR YOUR JUST WONDERFUL WORK to help us help so many animals.
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